Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Check out a recent Daytrotter session we did!


  1. I was ecstatic to see y'all have a session on daytrotter. I have never found myself disappointed by one of the sessions from a band I've loved. Delta Spirit didn't disappoint, and neither did y'all. I'm so proud and excited for y'all! You got me in ATL [one of the girls who parked beside the band van haha], but I hope to see you in DC or Baltimore. Going to be up there for a DS show, so I was psyched when I saw y'all had shows that same weekend in the area. Hope to see you again! Good luck with the tour and everything else you do [unless you decide to become homicidal maniacs in which case BAD, BAD LUCK. haha]

  2. Great tunes. No San Diego though? Come on - Californians unite.

  3. Where can I get this CD??? Someone help me!!!