Sunday, August 28, 2011

World Cafe Interview & Performance

Click HERE to listen to Dawes appear on a special 'Producer's Session' of NPR's 'World Cafe' with host, David Dye.

The band was supposed to tape the program earlier this summer on the week of the album's release, but had to postpone due to a late-night van breakdown in Pennsylvania. Taylor ended up getting a flight to Philadelphia while the band stayed behind to fix the van and meet up for a show later that evening with Bright Eyes, and performed a special acoustic set for WXPN's 'Free At Noon' series. Click HERE to listen.

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  1. Not exactly pertinent but needs to be said - left home in North Hills, CA two days ago to work in the Virginia woods for the next two months, missing your show @ Santa Monica Pier tonight, probably going on as I type this in my motel room in Roanoke. Excited as I am to be here, I'm sad to be missing you guys yet again. You've been the soundtrack to my soul this summer, and surely will be for many summers to come.

    God bless, keep on keepin on, hope to catch you guys on stage someday soon.

    Til then-

    Best wishes from Virginia,